Type classes in motor vehicle insurance

 About vehicle type and type class

Each vehicle type is assigned a type class. The German Insurance Association (GDV) recalculates it every year.

What is the vehicle type?

The vehicle type refers to the type of vehicle or a specific vehicle model. There are now 28,000 different vehicle types on the market.

For example: the manufacturer BMW has developed many different vehicle types. Each vehicle type can be precisely defined, such as the BMW X3, the BMW 1 Series or the BMW 3 Series Touring. So, a vehicle type is the term used to describe the different car models of a car manufacturer.

What is the type class?

Each vehicle type is assigned a specific type class. The type class can be a number from 10-34. Depending on which type class your car is assigned to, your car insurance will be cheaper or more expensive.

The type class for your car is determined every year: The less damage a certain type of vehicle has caused, the lower the type class it is assigned to. And the lower the type class, the less you have to pay for your car insurance.

The type class for your vehicle does not have to change every year. It can also stay the same. Usually, the changes are about one to two notches up or down. How this affects your car insurance depends on your insurance company.

Who determines the type class?

Each year, a trustee determines which type of vehicle is assigned to which type class. This is a neutral, reliable expert, usually the GDV (German Insurance Association). The type classes are usually published in September in the type class directory and on the GDV website.

Insurance companies do not have to adhere to the type classes determined. However, deviations rarely occur.

How is the type class calculated?

For each vehicle type, accident damage is compared over the last three years: The vehicle damage and the repair costs incurred are looked at. The type classes therefore reflect the damage and accident records of all vehicles registered in Germany.

This means that if your vehicle type has only caused a few accidents and low repair costs, your model will receive a lower type class. You may end up paying less for your car insurance. The reverse is also true: If your vehicle type was involved in many accidents, your model will receive a higher type class. You may have to pay more for your car insurance.

Note: If your type class changes, this does not automatically mean that you will have to pay more or less for your car insurance. You can find out what other things determine your insurance costs further down in the text.

Motor vehicle liability insurance

In motor vehicle liability insurance, there are usually type classes from 10 to 25. The damage incurred and the repair costs play a role in the calculation. It is about the costs that the insurance companies had to pay to third parties (accident victims).

However, the type classes also differ for the different versions of a vehicle type. Models with less horsepower usually fall into more favorable type classes, faster vehicles have a high type class.

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Comprehensive insurance

For partial cover insurance, there are type classes from 10 to 34. For fully comprehensive insurance, type classes are set from 10 to 33.

Again, the higher the type class, the more you usually have to pay for your insurance.

Here, the damage caused by the policyholder himself is important for the calculation of the type class. But also game accidents, car theft, elementary damages and vandalism play a role.

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New car models

For vehicles that are new to the market or imported, a temporary type class is determined. If enough data is available after some time, a normal type class is determined.

Determine your own type class

We show you how you can easily determine the type class of your vehicle yourself.

What is in the type class list of the GDV?

In the type class list of the GDV you will find the defined type classes for all 28,000 vehicle types. They are defined for the motor vehicle liability insurance and the partial cover insurance.

The printed type class index of the GDV is published once a year in late summer. It costs 12 euros. In the type class index of the GDV you will also find further data about your vehicle such as the performance data (kW, HP, engine capacity), the key numbers (manufacturer, vehicle type), information about the immobilizer or the production period of your vehicle.

How can I check my type class online?

On the website of the GDV you can check your type class.

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